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The game has been RELEASED! The testing stage has ended, everything was reset and we start fresh.
From now on we will go on forever :)
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Kingdom of England & Wales Crown of Castile
Grand Duchy of Moscow Kingdom of Poland
Republic of Genoa Teutonic Order
Crown of Aragon Duchy of Flanders
Kingdom of Sweden Byzantine Empire
Kingdom of Ireland German States
Duchy of Holland Kingdom of France
Kingdom of Portugal Kingdom of Milan
Kingdom of Navarre Kingdom of Norway
Republic of Venice Seljuk Sultanate
Kingdom of Bulgaria Golden Horde
Kingdom of Denmark Kingdom of Athens
Kingdom of Serbia Kingdom of Lithuania
Kingdom of Hungary Emirate of Granada
Kingdom of Wallachia Kingdom of Bohemia
Archduchy of Austria Kingdom of Scotland
Kingdom of Burgundy Swiss Confederacy
Papal States Kingdom of Naples & Sicily
Brief description Historical, realistic, medieval sim.
Required time commitment The game was optimized to login 1-2 times per day.
Description Become a citizen of a medieval kingdom (craftsman, merchant, clergyman, knight, baron, count, king, etc).
(commoners) Work in your workshop, trade, compete for guild master position, defend your town in battles, obtain local offices.
(nobles) Make claims to provinces, construct mansions, manage your fiefdoms, fight glorious battles, challenge to duels, participate in tournaments & crusades, obtain royal offices.

Europe1300 - Version 1.04Rules   Credits